The Team:  Billy, Jay, and Reed
“Hi Jay: Dream Gardens passed the “reference check” with flying colors. If you are ever depressed and want to hear nice things said about you, simply don a fake accent and an alias and call your own references!” -K

Garden Guru
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Dream Gardens is a family owned and operated landscaping business, committed to excellence. We have served the Knoxville area for twenty years, by designing and installing landscapes of all types, and maintaining existing flower beds and shrub borders.

Who are we?

Dream Gardens was born in 1997 when my wife, Diane Strozier, a life-long gardener, designed and installed the impressive gardens at Nature's Way Montessori School on Murphy Road.  The gardens were so popular that she found herself getting offers from people in the Nature's Way Community to design their gardens.  Little by little we grew the business together and today Diane still stays on as a design consultant.  We now have two co-managers, Billy and our son, Reed.  The three of us have developed efficient teamwork practices and learned how to relate to our customers in a meaningful way.  Our daughter, Laurel, consults in the area  of marketing and social media development.  Dream Gardens is truly a family and community oriented company.  We have lived in Knoxville for 40 years and are dedicated to the beautification of our hometown.  Dream Gardens continues to expand and we've recently launched a new low voltage landscape lighting business:  Dream Lighting.  Check out the lighting link of this site to learn more about this exciting development.

Our Qualifications

My education, in addition to 20 years of landscaping experience, includes an earned Certificate from UT Outreach, continuing education in the area of Landscape and Garden Design, and completion of the 2005 UT Grounds Management Course. Most recently I attended John Deere University in Chattanooga, and came away with some excellent knowledge. Our newest addition to our services is landscape lighting. I have received course certification from Vista Lighting, Kichler Lighting and Cast lighting and have done extensive research and study into the technicalities and artistic elements of this wonderful addition to any landscape. This sure mix of experience and training, coupled with a creative spirit and an open mind make selecting Dream Gardens as your go to landscapers an easy choice.

What is the difference between a landscape architect and a garden designer?

Reprinted from Horticulture Magazine Spring 2007

"Simply put, Landscape Architects have earned a university degree in their field. They are registered regulated professional who have been trained in the technical aspects that mey be involved in large construction projects.

A garden designer may be largely self taught though they may have had other training or even hold degrees in related fields. They may or may not be well versed in construction techniques though some are adept and could do a fine job of designing your patios, walks or overhead structures.

If you feel your makeover entails a lot of structural changers such as adding new parking, terracing a problem slope, soving drainage issues and or building large elements, you probably want to hire a landscape architect.

Landscape architects however are not always great plantsmen. Generally speaking, garden designers are more plant oriented and may have great flair for making compelling combination or choosing plants that suit challenging sites. Some landscape architects actually employ garden designers to do the plant selection."