DreamGardens garden design DreamGardens garden designDreamGardens garden designDreamGardens garden designDreamGardens garden design

Why Design?

Many landscapes are a mixture of this and that which has been installed, sporadically, with little thought. A good  landscape design is a beautiful construction of plants, focal points and hardscaping which considers spacing, the beauty of different combinations, repetition, color, balance, interest, size, variety, and all season interest. Through design and careful consideration of these elements, a garden is a wonder, immediately a great treasure to enjoy and covet forever as specimens grow and become the gorgeous creatures you expect!

Goals & Philosophy

We are interested in adapting a design to your:

We are prepared to provide a formal or an informal arrangement of plants, considering the elements of design such as color, balance, unity, rhythm, interest and movement, in order to create a harmonious whole.

bullet Our first step is to meet and establish priorities based on your yard's potential, needs, and aesthetic desires. After completing our survey, which considers many important, necessary aspects, we are ready to proceed.

bullet Our second step is to consider plant material and create a landscape design with the specific criteria in mind. Our highest aim is to couple design principles with beautiful plant choices making sure to exemplify your tastes as well. We try to craft our designs so that there will be a variety of possibilities for the space in question.

Our goal is to ascertain your aesthetic leanings and kindle your interest in plants with which you may not be familiar. After establishing favorite choices within design parameters, we will finalize the landscape plan and price out:

Thus you will have:

Our highest goal is to serve you in such a way that you are comfortable and delighted with your investment. We are conscious of affordability and will plan carefully in order to maintain our reputation for being reasonable in cost. 

Main Elements of Design

bullet Your taste

bullet Proper material for sun or shade

bullet Proper material for the climate

bullet Room to grow One of the biggest mistakes made is to plant things too close together or too close to the house which causes excessive maintenance and greater anxiety later on down the road.

If designed properly, empty spaces, due to immature material, can always be filled temporarily with annuals or perennials which can be moved later, in order to accommodate a shrub growing larger into its planned space. A beautiful, practical, well oriented arrangement including a look at complete landscaping homogeneity, focal points and needs dictated by limitations.

“Jay: Thank you for such a good time, and rolling with the punches as I gradually figured out what I wanted. I’m extremely pleased with everything. You and the guys do such beautiful work.” –S

“Thanks for your excellent work, Jay (and that of your fine crew)!  I have your cards and will pass them out” –N