Lighting is exciting!
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Dream Lighting Goals

Our goals and philosophy are to enhance your landscape, opening the doors to an outdoor environment that by most has never been experienced. Dream Lighting can bring light to your night. Light sets a pleasant mood creating romance and an intimate setting for family and friends. Frank Lloyd Wright referred to light as the "beautifier." Our twenty years of landscaping experience make us a good choice as a go to lighting expert because we know outdoor plants well and how to showcase them with light. By employing subtle light deftly one can achieve wonderful and varied end results giving flavor and function to an outdoor space:


  • Give life to property/landscaping as night falls
  • Illuminate focal points providing beauty and mystery
  • Light up architectural features of your house. First impressions based on outdoor lighting speak highly of an owner
  • Highlight using subtle lighting your specimen plants, trees, and water features!


  • Open the door to the outside at night thereby maximizing your living space
  • Light up outdoor living spaces: patios, pools, barbecues, decks, ponds, water features and for socializing
  • Create a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the evening experiencing a feeling of well being

Safety (safe passage)

  • Light up driveways, pathways, stairs, walkways and protect your family and friends
  • Folks will follow lights to your front door


  • Well lit areas discourage the criminal element that needs darkness for success


  • A well illuminated property adds value to your home, or rental home, or apartment. 

Why 12 volt landscape lighting

12 volt landscape lighting offers clean, clear, safe, light at a reasonable cost. Using a transformer one reduces regular household voltage (110-120) by a tenth to 12 volts. It is an extremely safe electrical current. There are a large variety of fixtures available. Since 12 volt lamps are smaller the fixtures can be smaller as well and less intrusive.

Of course the only approach these days to landscape lighting is to use the incredibly effecient led technology for significantly lower cost in terms of installation, parts, and usage. We used to install these behemoth transformers to accomodate the large wattage necessary to power halogen lights. Now with LED technology, a very small 75 Watt transformer can power approximately 20 lights, much more that the average installation requires.

How do we approach the landscape lighting design

We can use light layering to achieve a mix of different light modes to create a subtle and inviting effect. By using hidden luminaires we will light up plantings and pathways. We will light up areas of interest or function while leaving others in shadow creating depth and dimension. We can accentuate the positive while ignoring less important areas. Using the following tried and true lighting techniques in a subtle manner we can control your vista. 





Wall Washing

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Mirror Lighting

mirror lighting mirror lighting

Highlighting Focal point

highlighting focal pointhighlighting focal pointhighlighting focal point

Safety lighting

safety lightingsafety lightingsafety lighting

Underwater Lighting

underwater lighting



Overall Ambience

ambience lightingambience lightingambience lighting


There are many times throughout the year when it is possible go sit outside and enjoy the garden late into the evening. Even in winter a garden can be a beautiful sight. A light fall of snow can transform a winter landscape into a vision that, if lit up, can be quite breathtaking.

How we work

It is our challenge and delight at Dream Lighting, as designers and installers of 12 volt lighting landscape lighting systems, to turn your dreams into an exciting reality. We are very knowledgeable about transformers, and their capacity and cost. We won't install either transformers or fixtures that aren't necessary or cost effective! This said, it also pays to anticipate the future and the possibility of expanding the system. We work with several very reputable lighting fixture companies, and have an excellent idea of where quality and price come together attractively thereby stretching the lighting dollar without sacrificing beauty, excellence, or durability. The business of lighting design has much more to do with introducing suitable lighting than with just providing large amounts of it. I have studied extensively with Vista Lighting,Kichler Lighting, and Cast lighting and am continuously studying texts on my own. Through installations and estimates I've learned a vast amount which can be used to your advantage!


Thank you for considering Dream Lighting for your landscape lighting needs. As always we want what is best for you from an aesthetics point of view and from a budgetary point of view. Call us now at 865-680-2076 for an assessment of your lighting potential!

100% of our visual experiences are based on light