In my nursery travels, I regularly come across a batch of plants that are special in their beauty, maturity and freshness. After using them in my design, on occasion I will overbuy with the intention of sharing this bounty with you. 

Plants will tend to go quickly so if interested give me a call and make tender inquiry. I will give you a price that will make you smile. Should the plant not be available anymore, just tell me what you want and I will do due diligence in scouring the local wholesalers to find just what you need, or suggest an appropriate substitute.

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As important as selecting the plant material, is the landscaping installation process. If you plan on buying plants from us and putting in yourself, we will give you thorough written instructions with discussion of aftercare as well-watering frequency and technique (it’s easy if you know how).

If our crew installs for you, we will put your plants in professionally, with little chance for failure. We use a proprietary method of installation which will insure immediate success and insure better plant to earth contact with a maximum of growth potential. We will put plants in at the appropriate height and studiously ascertain the perfect orientation, based on the sun and predicted growing patterns and where we anticipate the primary viewing area will be.

Why buy from Dream Gardens...

... when you can just go and get it at your local retailer/box store?

bullet Availability and variety We have access to many of the wholesale nurseries in the area that have a much wider selection of plants than your local plant retailer. Only licensed landscapers have access to these places, so we can be your liaison to better selection than what you normally get.

bullet Zone appropriate and Hardy plants When the plants come from your local retailer/box store, there is no guarantee that they were chosen with the proper climate in mind. They won’t make it in Knoxville if we suffer a cold winter. Plants from wholesale nurseries, however, are more likely to have been grown locally and are acclimated to the landscaping conditions that we can expect from an average year in Knoxville.

bullet Competitive prices Because Dream Gardens can buy material at a wholesale price we are committed to offering you a price that is very competitive with local retailers. We are able to compare plant material at various locations in order to secure the best quality and price for you.

So to buy from Dream Gardens who have access to a large amount and variety of plants is a win win situation. We can bring you plants that are better, stronger, disease resistant, and available in various sizes to accommodate your landscaping needs and your budget. Most plants come in 1-3-5-7 gallon containers and up. If you are patient, smaller material will meet even a limited budget. If you want instant gratification, the largest shrubs will meet your needs. Additionally we can gather this healthy vibrant material in the necessary numbers and deliver for do-it-yourself installation, or for us to install. Complete written instructions come with every delivery. Minimum quantities may apply.

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"Thanks, Man! The ferns are beautiful!" –S
"I really appreciate the great work you do!" –B
"The neighbors have all said they like it" –L
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